Head of Strategy, Peter Pippen, heading to Mumbrella CommsCon 2024

Peter Pippen, Head of Strategy, Edelman Australia
Peter Pippen, Head of Strategy, Edelman Australia

While rapid innovation offers the promise of a new era of prosperity, it risks exacerbating trust issues, leading to societal instability. As business leaders find themselves at the forefront of this paradox, grappling with a myriad of growing threats and compounded effects challenge traditional approaches to crisis and issues management. 

At Mumbrella CommsCon 2024, this critical juncture in navigating trust will be addressed by Peter Pippen, Head of Strategy, in the session ‘Managing Trust in the Age of the Polycrisis’. Pippen will equip communication and business leaders with valuable strategies to confront these societal challenges directly. 

This follows the launch of the 2024 Edelman Trust Barometer, which sheds light on the global landscape and highlights the crux in society’s relationship with innovation. Despite the benefits of innovations such as the Covid-19 vaccines, there is a backlash against vaccine mandates. Similarly, while the Biden administration passed significant legislation designed to incentivise the development of green infrastructure, the Republican presidential frontrunner is campaigning against the EV transition.

In 2024, as millions engaged with Chat GPT, society grappled with strikes over AI’s integration and its pervasive influence across industries. Concurrently, global events like COP28 in Dubai, which secured agreements to transition away from fossil fuels, stands juxtaposed against domestic protests, such as the Dutch farmers’ party’s election win in opposition to green mandates. 

Amidst this backdrop of geopolitical conflict, cyber risks, and climate change, Australian business leaders are confronted with their own set of challenges. As they strive to embrace innovation to secure the future prosperity of the economy, the imperative to navigate these complexities while upholding trust within organisations becomes paramount. Managing the delicate balance between progress and trust requires careful implementation. 

Secure your spot at Mumbrella CommsCon 2024, with Earlybird tickets available now, taking place on March 27th at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney. Attendees can anticipate gaining insights that empower them and their companies to navigate threats while upholding trust with customers, employees, and stakeholders. 

Stay tuned for the upcoming launch of the Australian Trust Barometer, which provides deeper insights into the evolving trust landscape in Australia. 

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