The online gaming world is a close-knit community. Although they are online, for them to engage with a brand beyond likes and comments they need a good reason.

Showcasing the OMEN products beyond social media allowed them to get their hands on the products and take their gaming to another level.

Through an Australian-first tour, the ‘OMEN Roadshow’, we gave gaming enthusiasts first-hand experience with OMEN at key gaming events and retail locations across Australia as well as hosting an exclusive media launch event for some of Australia’s top gaming journalists, influencers and gaming athletes.


Over 35,000 PC gamers saw the Omen Roadshow, with 94% of those who engaged with the truck saying they would consider OMEN by HP as a result of the Roadshow.

  • Reached 3 million on social media
  • 86% said it was the best gaming experience they have ever had