How many women have had a missile moment? Women frequently have tampons rolling around in their handbags, popping out at inconvenient times. To help U by Kotex reach 14 to 24 year-old-girls to tell them about the new Designer Series Tampon range with its new discreet pouch-style packaging we coined the term “Missile Moments.”

Developing Punk’d- style filmed content inspired by these embarrassing and funny moments, we launched the content across Facebook and YouTube. Light-hearted stories were brought to the media, and partnerships with five online influencers helped share our message.


The campaign achieved 8 million impressions with media and reached over 530,000 on Facebook. The campaign contributed to a 73% increase in the brand’s Instagram account fans. It also convinced a major retailer to increase stocks to 75% of its stores. All this without ATL or display advertising to support it.