Huggies believe in bringing the best of care to babies and have partnered with the Children’s Hospital Foundation Australia for the past three years donating $1 for every packet of nappies sold. The power of a hug is something Huggies strongly believes in and often refer to their nappies as a baby’s ‘second’ hug after their mum when they’re born.

We helped Huggies demonstrate the power of a healing hug by creating a giant, bespoke huggable heart, where visitors could see, hear and feel the heart beating. The simple act of a hug donated $1 to Huggies partner charity and the campaign extended its reach across social with digital hugs donated under #hugsforhealing.


Emotive video content, case studies and content of the activation drove strong engagement across social and earned media outputs. Video content generated over 1.3M video views with almost 500,000 completed video views via YouTube, while earned media generated a range of national coverage in outlets such as the Daily Mail and Woman’s Day.

  • 10,000 hugs over a 3-day activation period
  • 6,000 digital hugs across social, reaching 3 million Aussies
  • Donated $140,000 to Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia