Using emojis on our phone helps us communicate in a whole new way. To demonstrate that Samsung Galaxy phones bring the way we express ourselves and communicate to life, we literally brought emojis to life. Partnering with Uber to deliver real-life emojis to Samsung Galaxy owners across Australia, we thanked Samsung customers with everything from hand-crafted meringues shaped like the Poo Emoji, to Gift Emojis that included Samsung tablets, smartwatches and headphones.

The “delivery moment” was our social set-piece, with a simple hashtag, #GalaxyEmojisAlive, featured on thousands of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts, shared organically by recipients of the gifts.


The #GalaxyEmojisAlive activation delivered unprecedented engagement for both Samsung and Uber. Word of mouth played a huge role in driving engagement with the campaign. Over 30% of recipients who engaged with the campaign shared their experience.

  • Hashtag trended organically on Twitter within hours of activation
  • Over 1 million reached and 80% positive sentiment
  • 73% of the critical 16-29 year olds believed that the campaign made Samsung unique