Throughout the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, social media will remain a valuable tool in your communication and marketing mix. However, it cannot be business as usual.  We are in a new operating environment and your social media planning, assessment, and response needs to reflect this. 


Following these guidelines will better enable your organisation to meet the challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis. While companies and brands are under heightened scrutiny due to the public’s increased levels of anxiety, by harnessing these steps your organisation can put in place a carefully considered, purposeful, and flexible social media strategy that will demonstrate leadership to your online community and ensure effective communication with key stakeholders.


The important thing to remember, as outlined by Edelman’s recent Brand Trust and the Coronavirus Pandemic report, is that it is not a time for brands to go dark. This pertains to social media as well, provided you give careful and thoughtful consideration to your approach in our fast-evolving new climate.


The infographic below shows the 11 considerations to help you navigate your organisation’s social media communications in our evolving environment:




Chris Richardson is the Director and Head of Digital at Edelman


📸 Markus Spiske