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Last night in Canberra the Federal Abbott Government released its first budget since being elected to office last year. In his speech to present the measures, Treasurer Joe Hockey said Australia needs to become “a nation of lifters, not leaners”, a comment on the recent growth of middle-class welfare and a community expectation that the

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SXSW is the world’s largest conference for interactive and emerging technology, which has just wrapped up its 20th year in Austin, Texas. The program is made up of more than 800 sessions including keynotes from the people behind some of the world’s best-known interactive brands, panel sessions covering every imaginable topic (career lessons from the Walking Dead

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In my last article ‘Define or be Defined’ on employer branding, I examined why more and more organisations are investing in defining their employer brand to enhance their talent acquisition process. In this second article of my series on employer branding, I will explore the how– that is, how to go about defining your employer brand – the key being

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In today’s world where we all have access to real-time information, it is important organisations take control of how they want to be defined as an employer. In the days before social media, how a company acted within its four walls mattered most to the people who worked there. The rest of the world cared

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