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From my experience if you ask someone from New York to describe Chicago they may use descriptors including “OK”, “almost”, “nearly” or “kind of”. I’ll give you an example: Jake: I’ve heard The Art Institute of Chicago is worth a visit. Undisclosed New Yorker: I guess. It’s almost as good as the MET. Jake: What’s

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New York. The city that never sleeps? The home of the naked cowboy? Nup. The city that will hopefully ‘Phone Smash’ their way through a media list like a true Australian. But I will get to that soon. New York was the second stop on my International Study Tour. And you know what they say

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Edelman couldn’t have chosen a more ideal location to begin my blogging journey than Hong Kong. Here it doesn’t matter if you speak English or Chinese – everyone speaks selfie. As someone who has no #selfieshame I knew I was going to enjoy my time in Hong Kong. It seems that everyone here, like back

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The world, especially the Edelman network, can be an intimidating place for a 23 year old Senior Account Executive #flyingsolo. Don’t get me wrong, I grew up on the mean streets of Cronulla so have street smarts in gusto, but the reach of the Edelman network through its 67+ offices is somewhat daunting. You’re probably

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