New flights are launching nearly every day, all over the world.

Launching United’s inaugural flight from Sydney to Houston, Edelman sought a point of differentiation, creating an international campaign reaching out to Australians going by the name of “Houston” to join, in exchange for Americans going by the name of “Sydney”.

The competition received over 14,000 combined entrants. Initially, the campaign utilised earned media and social channels to raise the profile of the competition and encourage entrants. It was then stepped up to broadcast with an editorial-driven campaign on Sydney radio.

The Impact

The campaign drove awareness of the launch, the flight itself and the competition linking Australia and America like never before. With the unique twist to the launch Edelman were able to broaden the coverage beyond the expected including The Daily Telegraph, KIIS FM radio, Talking Lifestyle Radio, and international media based in the US.

  • 34,890 unique visitors to the website
  • Over 400 earned media articles in total
  • 97% positive articles