In the opinion of media, influencers, and devotees, the Samsung Galaxy series of phones has long been better designed, better equipped, and all together better than its competitors.

The best technology, however, is no longer good enough. With new and shiny products launching each year, customers are spoilt for choice and brand loyalty in this category is low.

Samsung had a problem: when it came time to upgrade their phones, many existing Samsung Galaxy users were switching to different brands.

Our challenge was simple: in the lead up to the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S7, we needed to win not only the minds but the hearts of Galaxy users. We needed to show them why they should stay part of the Galaxy family.


Ten years into the smartphone revolution, the truth about our phones is that we no longer value them purely for their design, size or brand name. Instead, the most important quality about our phones is that we use them to express our experiences and our emotions.

Those who had bought into the Samsung Galaxy experience had already shown their preference for the simple joy of self-expression over hype. How could we remind them of this? And was it possible to deliver compelling brand-to-one experiences to Samsung Galaxy users – and only Samsung Galaxy users, so that they could feel a personal human connection with the brand?


We use emojis on our phone to bring the way we communicate to life.

So, to demonstrate that Samsung Galaxy phones bring the way we express ourselves and the way we communicate to life, we literally brought emojis to life.

The Samsung Galaxy Emojis Alive campaign saw Samsung partner with Uber to deliver real-life emojis to Samsung Galaxy Owners across Australia, thanking them simply for being a Samsung customer.


Through a push update of the Uber app, Samsung Galaxy owners in major cities across Australia had access to a view in the app which allowed them to request emojis on-demand rather than a vehicle.

When they did, we delivered them emojis made real – in the form of fun emoji shaped gifts, delivered by life-size emojis.

On the day of activation, thousands of gifts were delivered across Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, with Samsung customers receiving everything from hand-crafted meringues shaped like the Poo emoji, to Gift emojis that included Samsung tablets, smartwatches and headphones.

The “delivery moment” was our social set-piece. A simple hashtag, #GalaxyEmojisAlive, was featured on thousands of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts, shared organically by recipients of the gifts.

As the activation continued, this spread of social activity snowballed into a critical mass of engagement, with many of our promotional gifts running out within hours.


One million Australians reached

80% positive sentiment

With only a limited push on social to kickstart it, the #GalaxyEmojisAlive activation delivered unprecedented engagement for both Samsung and Uber.

Word of mouth played a huge role in driving engagement with the campaign. Over 30% of recipients who engaged with the campaign via the Uber app, sharing their experience on social using the campaign hashtag.

The hashtag #GalaxyEmojisAlive trended organically on Twitter within hours of the activation, with the reach extending to 1 million Australians via Facebook alone. Of this, 80% of sentiment was positive.

Importantly, the Emojis Alive had a demonstrable impact on brand perception, with brand tracking revealed that:
• 73% of the critical 16-29 year olds believed that the campaign made Samsung unique, an 11 point increase from the benchmark.
• 74% felt curious about the brand, with an additional increase in the belief that Samsung is a dynamic, youthful and distinctive.
• 60% of the core said that they would “tell others about Samsung”, an 11% increase in advocacy measures.

In short, this highly-targeted direct campaign used real-time activation, available only to Galaxy users, to drive significant movement in brand sentiment.

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