Launch of Menarini’s COPD treatment – Highlighting Australia’s top 20 most ‘breath-taking’ locations


In 2014, Menarini partnered with Edelman to develop an engaging awareness campaign targeted at Australians diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) - a debilitating chronic lung condition. The campaign was planned to coincide with the availability of Menarini’s new COPD treatment, which was particularly effective in targeting the morning and night-time symptoms of COPD.

As an ‘unsexy’ disease commonly referred to as ‘smokers cough’, achieving media coverage and sympathetic reporting around the disease was a challenge.


We conducted a media landscape audit, which identified that consumer media appetite for COPD reporting is driven largely on a regional basis, but the right story would secure national coverage. The creative strategy of the campaign afforded this cut through, delivering complex medical information through imaginative storytelling.


A smart use of research allowed us to bring a stigmatised disease to life and build targeted awareness of the availability of the treatment. Edelman was able to leverage localised data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) report on hospitalisation rates of COPD to form a solid foundation for media outreach. In doing so, we identified the creative concept ‘Australia’s top 20 most breath-taking locations’. Breath-taking that is, in reflecting some of the highest rates of hospital admissions for COPD.


Edelman engaged an army of clinical experts spanning the country to support our robust regional strategy. From Newcastle to Mandurah, respiratory physicians, general practitioners, nurses and patients were mobilised to raise vital awareness of COPD. This consumer push was underpinned by a targeted health practicitioner digital content campaign to close the loop on the target audiences.


Reaching more than 8.7 million people via 45 pieces of media coverage, the media campaign ignited conversations both regionally and nationally, by successfully driving patients to their GPs to discuss the treatment options available to them to treat their COPD symptoms.

The ‘breath-taking locations’ creative concept empowered us to raise the profile of a burdensome and stigmatised disease in a manner that resonated with media and opened a dialogue about COPD treatment options.

Edelman’s campaign was compelling and engaging in its delivery. Working seamlessly with the Menarini sales team on the ground to leverage the best possible spokespeople in regional areas, we were able to bring the story to life with insights from HCPs and patients. This was all anchored into place by insightful KOLs who effectively delivered key messages in the media, ultimately positioning Menarini as a serious player in respiratory.

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