The Story

As part of its partnership with the United Nations Girl Up program, Kellogg commissioned a global white paper exploring inner strength in women. The report found that the majority of women across the globe felt they hadn’t reached their full potential and their biggest sources of inspiration were other women who demonstrated strength. Kellogg created the #StrongFeedsStrong global influencer movement for women to come together, share their stories and help each other realise their full potential. But how do we make this global study relevant to Australian women?

The Impact

Aussies love an underdog. We needed to find women who embodied this spirit to give the global movement a truly Aussie flair. 


Edelman Australia recruited a small but highly impactful army of influencers to create content, sharing their stories of finding inner strength. From a Paralympic gold medalist to a burns survivor who has just completed Ironman Hawaii, each influencer had overcome adversity and redefined what inner strength meant to them.


The five influencers created over 10 pieces of content which have been viewed over 2 million times organically to date.