13 October 2016

Special guest at GWEN, one of the world’s most influential women

Written by: Snezna Kerekovic, Director at Edelman


Last week, Edelman’s Global Women’s Network (GWEN), hosted a breakfast featuring Azure Antoinette – poet, humanist, and creative strategist, as the special guest speaker, along with vocalist, Emily Rex, and Project Strong Woman founder, Shauna Ryan, in a lively panel discussion about recognising your own and others’ strengths, celebrating and elevating those strengths, and ensuring that you love what you do.

The three guest speakers, from opposite sides of the globe, connected initially via social media and have since then taken that connection offline and into the real world, merging their individual strengths to form a formidable trio aiming to inspire people through music, poetry and sisterhood.

Based in LA, Antoinette, who has been described as the Maya Angelou of the millennial generation and listed as on the top 100 most influential women in the world by Forbes magazine, had guests in awe as she shared her story of her journey to become one of the world’s foremost commissioned poets and leading voices in the digital age.

Sharing her own journey from a struggling artist to being commissioned to write and perform her spoken words for Maria Shriver, to being discovered by Oprah, and her underlying message of “Do What You Love And Love What You Do”, she had guests, from a cross section of marketing and communications enthralled and inspired.

Of particular interest and discussion were her insights into social media and her belief that we will see a continued shift toward greater authenticity and with that a greater connectivity between people beyond a computer, tablet or mobile screen.

Antoinette and Rex have joined forces as a powerful duet, Spare Pages, combining the forces of Rex’s haunting vocals and Antoinette’s powerful poetry. This combination has launched a new musical genre and already they have been invited to submit their music to the upcoming Grammy’s.

Ryan is a 24-year-old ex-school teacher who is driving a new social movement with Project Strong Woman – an online community that helps women discover, elevate and celebrate each other’s strengths.

Edelman GWEN events seek to bring inspiring and thought-provoking industry and thought leaders together with marketing and communications professionals to ignite inspiration, insights and discussion. The events are held bi-monthly with invites extended to marketing and communications professionals.

Edelman Australia CEO, Steven Spurr said: “We were delighted to have a guest speaker of this calibre at our GWEN event and look forward to continuing to bring equally in demand speakers to future GWEN events.”


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