17 October 2016

Edelman presents Story Hive

Written by: Harrie Jack, Integrated Senior Account Manager at Edelman

Culture, Media


Telling OzHarvest’s story at Vivid 2016

During the world famous Vivid festival, Edelman hosted a Story Hive session inviting unusual and different performers to help tell the OzHarvest story in different ways with a view of solving OzHarvest’s business problem.

OzHarvest is an independent food wastage charity in Australia. Founded by Ronnie Khan, its mission and goal is unique within the not-for-profit space. Her wish for Australia as a whole, is for OzHarvest to not exist and the entire population be able to understand and nourish themselves.

We identified this as the focus for the session. To us, OzHarvest is already telling a good story but in order for it to evolve and cause change with impact this story needed to be changed.

The Story Hive session featured four different speakers including Channel 9’s Chief of Staff, an internationally famous artist, prestigious comedian and an award-winning short film director.

Alongside the other speakers, we presented our own ideas and plans on how to answer the communications problem.

The event was attended by over 40 guests including media, clients and the general public. Throughout the three hours, the four different speakers told OzHarvest’s story in completely different ways using the mediums of news broadcast, video, live drawing and an impromptu stand-up routine.

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