Apr 10

What’s the name of that Macy Gray song?

Created by Jake Wheeler

You know the one about saying goodbye and choking? Regardless. No song or movie quote could better sum up my whirlwind, worldwide trip abroad than Ms. Gray’s early 2000s hit. Like all final chapters one must reflect on the time that has preceded said chapter and hopefully be able to demonstrate growth through a new

Mar 27

Let’s hear it for… Chicago

Created by Jake Wheeler

From my experience if you ask someone from New York to describe Chicago they may use descriptors including “OK”, “almost”, “nearly” or “kind of”. I’ll give you an example: Jake: I’ve heard The Art Institute of Chicago is worth a visit. Undisclosed New Yorker: I guess. It’s almost as good as the MET. Jake: What’s

Mar 23

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 23.

Created by Jake Wheeler

New York. The city that never sleeps? The home of the naked cowboy? Nup. The city that will hopefully ‘Phone Smash’ their way through a media list like a true Australian. But I will get to that soon. New York was the second stop on my International Study Tour. And you know what they say


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Sydney | Level 4, 24 York Street, Sydney, Australia | +61 2 9241 3131 |